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Scientific outreach with EPSAA, 2019 edition

Melissa Dewulf
EPSAA 2019

We started our inaugural edition of our nice collaboration with the school of graphic arts of Paris, EPSAA in March 2019. For four months, more than 30 students were split into 19 different teams working in different fields such as biology, physics or biophysics. The students visited the labs where they met scientists and discovered the world of research. Together, and with the help of Renaud Chabrier, a scientific illustrator, they decided how to use drawing at its best to represent both their everyday life in the lab, as well as they research project.

This project lead to the production of beautiful and interesting drawings that were displayed during a “vernissage”, gathering scientists and artists, and that took place at the school at the end of the project, in June.

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Research teams involved in 2019

Amaury Lambert lab, Collège de France

Marie-Hélène Verlhac lab, Collège de France

Julia Fuchs lab, Collège de France

Nathalie Rouach lab, Collège de France

Isabelle Brunet lab, Collège de France

Fekrije Selimi lab, Collège de France

Julien Dumont lab, Institut Jacques Monod

Yannick Rondelez lab, ESPCI

Damien Vandembroucq lab, ESPCI

Justine Laurent lab, ESPCI

Philippe Petijeans lab, ESPCI

Etienne Reyssat lab, ESPCI

Sandrine Etienne-Manneville lab, Institut Pasteur

Ines Drinnenberg lab, Institut Curie

Bruno Goud lab, Institut Curie

Patricia Bassereau lab, Institut Curie

Carsten Janke lab, Institut Curie

Martin Lenz lab, Université Paris sud