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Scientific outreach with EPSAA, 2020-2021 edition

Melissa Dewulf
Discover all about the second edition of our original collaboration with the graphic arts school of Paris, EPSAA.

After the success of our first edition in 2019, we decided to renew the experience with the graphic arts school of Paris, EPSAA. (Learn more about this project)


When artists and researchers meet

On November 6th, 2nd year graphic arts students met researchers to discuss about their work, but also about research in general. This first contact, which was done online, allowed them to discover a new world, but also to start taking notes and draw sketches that will be useful for the development of two drawings, one representing the every day life, and one representing the scientific topics of the lab.

Students will hopefully be able to visit the labs be fore the end of the project, and they will maintain a regular contact with the researchers throughout the project in order to develop a new tool to highlight their research work the best way possible.

This project will be conducted until June, and the drawings produced by the future artists should be exposed and should be integrated in a small notebook at the end of the project.


Research teams involved in 2020-2021