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Laureates of the interdisciplinary call 2019

Melissa Dewulf
In 2019, we funded five interdisciplinary projects which will allow new fruitful collaborations between teams within the PSL-Qlife institute.
Congratulations to all of them!
Plateforme de criblage phénotypique Biophenics

Funded projects in 2019

G. Gasser (Chimie ParisTech), D. Décaudin (Institut Curie) and C. Thomas (Chimie ParisTech) Biodegradable Nanocarriers, Chemotherapy Resistance, Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry, Ovarian Cancer, Patient-Derived Xenografts, Ruthenium Complexes 80K€
J. Heuvingh (ESPCI) and M. Piel (Institut Curie) Dynamical and mechanical characterization of the cell cortex during migration and mitosis 95K€
J-F. Léger and R. Monasson (ENS) Functional connectivity in large neuronal networks: benchmarking new generation of inferred large-scale models with direct experimental measurements 90K€
P. Leopold, R. K. Vijendravarma and P. Sens (Institut Curie) Physical mechanisms underlying precise specification of bilateral organ size during development in Drosophila 50K€
A. Meunier (ENS) and R. Koszul (Institut Pasteur) Nature and raison d’être of mitotic oscillator induced chromosome condensation in post-mitotic multiciliated cells 90K€