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The MUSE-IC project

MUSE-IC is an interdisciplinary project bringing together composers, researchers and musicians: the goal is to propose to composers to create a musical work directly inspired by a recent scientific discovery in the fields of biology, biophysics, chemical biology and bio-informatics.

When music and science meet

Music and science have often been linked in the history of music. Until the mid-twentieth century, most music inspired by science was related to physics and mathematics. With the tremendous advancement of biology, especially since the discovery of the structure of DNA, biology also began to serve as a source of inspiration. Sometimes scientific concepts or measurements have been converted directly into music, in other cases a scientific discovery has simply animated the imagination of composers.

The Muse-IC project proposes to give this opportunity to composers, by commissioning them to write a work inspired by a recent scientific discovery.

Between 2017 and 2019, the 1st Edition of the Muse-IC project allowed 6 composers and researchers to compose a ten-minute work, which could include 1 to 8 musicians: piano, string quartet, clarinet, harp and percussion. During their creative process, the composers interacted with the researchers involved to gain an in-depth understanding of their topic. On March 12, 2019, the works composed for this 1st edition were presented during a concert at Salle Cortot (Paris). The works were performed by musicians who are all pursuing a brilliant career in chamber music, and who are members of the Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra and the Orchestre National de France

This concert allowed to sensitize a non-scientific public to the importance of fundamental science in our society. It will promote the meeting between musicians, scientists and the public.



We are launching a 2nd edition of the MUSE-IC project which will take place between June 2021 and June 2023.

The MUSE-IC project aims to create original musical pieces inspired by your scientific discoveries and composed by professional artists. The musical pieces will be played live in concert in Paris where researchers will be proposed to communicate their study to the public.


All researchers from Qlife can participate, and your application should include:

  • A description of one of your recent works, maximum 2 pages written for a general audience, in English.
  • 1 to 3 illustrations (images or films) to help the reader better understand your work.

Feel free to explain how your work can inspire a musician and how you think you can interact with a composer (visits to your lab, participation in an experiment...).


Your proposals will be sent to 2 composers who will each choose a subject that inspires them. The compositions will be realized for 1 to 3 instruments (to be determined later with the composers). A concert will be organized in 2023 in Paris.



Deadline for application: 20 July 2021

September-October 2021: Pre-selection of scientific projects

October – December 2021: selection of the composer and selection of the 2 projects by the composers

January 2022 – December 2022: time dedicated to the composition

January 2023 – April 2023: organization of a live concert

April 2023: live concert


If you are interested, please send your project in PDF format to melissa.dewulf@curie.fr by July 20th, 2021