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Scientific outreach videos

This call aims at sharing scientific knowledge, in order for the general public to know a bit more about our researcher's work.

Deadline : May 12, 2024

Scientific outreach video

The call is now open!


One of PSL-Qlife's ambition is to support communication about the interdisciplinary research conducted within its network. In this line, we are launching a new call for the production of videos intended either for the general public (adult or child) or for researchers of another scientific field in order to strengthen the interdisciplinary interactions.

We propose to produce 2 videos that will be the result of a collaboration between researchers, the organization Ça Fait Science and the communication team of Qlife. The videos produced will be the two new episodes of "Qrieux, la série".


    How you will be involved at different steps during the time of the project:

    1-Writing: Requires several meetings, discussions and visits to the laboratory, with researchers (between 2 and 3) and script reviews.
    2-Production: Filming takes place over the course of a day.
    Different working versions of the montage are sent to the scientists for proofreading and validation.
    3-Finalization: Final proofreading after final editing and animation to validate information banners and credits.



    All researchers, including young researchers (post-docs, PhD students etc..) from Qlife can apply by filling out the application form, and your application should include:

    • Summary of the video
    • Note of intent
    • Team leader’s letter of agreement


    Eligibility criteria

    • The project must be led by at least one Qlife member (it can be a collaboration between several Qlife teams)
    • The project must be on an interdisciplinary topic
    • The project can be submitted by anyone of the laboratory, with the agreement of the team leader



    March 2024 : Launch of the call

    May 12 2024 : Deadline for applications

    Beginning of June 2024 : Announcement of the results

    June 2024 - April 2025 : Conception and filming of the movie with the research team

    May - June 2025 : Finalization and release of the videos 


    Send your appication to melissa.dewulf@curie.fr by May 12, 2024


    Selected videos in 2022

    Selected videos in 2023