Actualité - Meeting

First annual meeting of PSL-Qlife

Séminaire dans le bâtiment Biologie et Développement du cancer, à l'Institut Curie Paris
Florence Levillain / Institut Curie

The first annual meeting of PSL-Qlife took place on April 11th 2019 at Institut Curie. It was the opportunity to have an overview of the PSL-Qife community but also to discover our activities, as well as our funding opportunities.

During this one-day meeting, we learned more about the work of  puridisciplinary projects as well as ones from PhD students funded by Qlife. We also listened to two SAB members, Pr David Giedroc (Quantitative and Chemical Biology – Indiana University) and Philippe Bastiaens (Systemic Cell Biology – Max Planck Institute Dortmund). This day ended with a poster session and a cocktail.