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QBI/Qlife Collaborative RFA Workshop

April 26th, 2022
online symposium - 5pm-7pm (Paris time) / 8am-10am (SF time) on zoom
Organizers: Nevan Krogan, Bruno Goud
QBI/Qlife RFA 2022

In 2021, a call for application was launched in collaboration with the Quantitative Bioscience Institute (QBI, UCSF) and awarded 5 projects, each conducted by a team from the QBI and one team from Qlife.


On April 26th 2022, the collaborators of each projects are invited to present their work during the QBI/Qlife RFA workshop.



8:00-8:10 AM PT – Opening Remarks by Olivier-Antoine Reynes, Nevan Krogan, and Bruno Goud

8:10-8:28 AM PT – Proposal 1: Jake Bieber (QBI), Elise Laruelle (Qlife): "Deciphering spatial patterning in the gut epithelium by computational tissue shuffling"

8:28-8:46 AM PT – Proposal 2: Advait Subramanian (QBI), Bruno Goud (Qlife): "An investigation into how SARS-CoV-2 hijacks Rab GTPase function to promote virion assembly and exocytosis" 

8:46-8:56 AM PT – Break

8:56-9:14 AM PT – Proposal 3: Judy Sakanari (QBI), Cillian O'Beirne (Qlife): "Novel bioorganometallic drugs to treat neglected tropical diseases"

9:14-9:32 AM PT – Proposal 4: Orion Weiner (QBI), Hervé Turlier & Hudson Borja da Rocha (Qlife): "Quantitative approaches for studying complex biological phenomena" 

9:32-9:38 AM PT – Break

9:38-9:48 AM PT – QBI guest speaker: Hani Goodarzi: "Deciphering the combinatorial RBP code underlying post-transcriptional regulation"

9:48-9:58 AM PT – Qlife guest speaker: Nathalie Rouach: "Guardian stars of cerebral plasticity"

9:58-10:00 AM PT – Closing Remarks

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Passcode: 903034