Actualité - Meeting

Quantitative approaches to cancer research - QBI/PSL-Qlife joint symposium

Melissa Dewulf
September 5th-6th, 2019

Institut Curie
Amphi C. Burg
12 rue Lhomond

Organizers: A. Carreira, B. Goud and N. Krogan
QBI joitn meeting 2019

Last September at the Institut Curie (Paris, France), researchers from the QBI (Quantitative Biology Institut, UCSF), PSL-Qlife and Institut Curie were brought together during their inaugural joint symposium.

Initially, the rapprochement between QBI and PSl-Qlife started through a collaboration between Nevan Krogan, head of the QBI and Aura Carreira, team leader at Institut Curie. As QBI and PSL-Qlife share the same ambition to bring together scientists from many different fields for the development of quantitative biology, it was only logical that they bring their strengths together.

This inaugural joint symposium thus aimed at sharing their work, but also triggering lots of fruitful collaborations between researchers from all three institutes. Moreover, a Memorendum Of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between QBI and PSL-Qlife.


The following topics were discussed:

  • Systems biology and cancer
  • Cell invasion, cell movement and motor proteins
  • Autophagy, metal transport and signalling
  • Cell fate and survival mechanisms
  • Targeting cancer
  • Breast cancer


This symposium will be organized again next year and will take place on December 3rd-4th, 2020 in UCSF, USA. More informations to come.