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Symposium tribute to Maxime Dahan

October 24th-25th, 2019
Institut Curie
Amphi C. Burg
12 rue Lhomond
75005 Paris
Symposium M Dahan

Message from Maxime Dahan's family, December 8th, 2020

Dear friends, colleagues, doners,

We, Maxime's family, are grateful for the generosity shown by so many of you who, like us, want to preserve and strengthen Maxime's legacy of innovation, openness and intellectual curiosity.

This fund finances a prize that recognizes scientific promise and achievement, without the boundaries of academic discipline or geography, and encourages the exciting collaboration among researchers that Maxime championed.

Thank you for those who have contributed ! Thank you to those who will contribute anew, or for the first time! This is so meaningful. From the darkness left in Maxime's absence, we want to kindle a light.


Michelle Hoffman his wife, Margaux, Théo et Esmé Dahan Hoffman his children, Amy Dahan his mother.

If you want to contact the family of Maxime: amy.dahan@cnrs.fr et mkhoffman@post.harvard.edu

I would like to thank the Curie Institute, as well as Maxime’s friends and colleagues to have put such effort into putting all this together. This symposium means so much to us.

Amy DAHAN, Maxime’s mother



Maxime Dahan was the director of the physical-chemistry unit (UMR 168) of the Curie Institute between 2013 and 2018 and group leader of the “Light based observation and control of cellular organization” research group. He studied at the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole normale supérieure (ENS) and the CNRS awarded him a bronze medal in 2006.



This event was especially moving because it brought so many people together to talk about Maxime as a friend, as a human being, but also as a scientist.

Jean-Baptiste MASSON, Maxime’s colleague and friend



On October 24th and 25th 2019, more than 200 participants gathered to pay tribute to Maxime Dahan. Scientists from diverse backgrounds with whom Maxime had collaborated during his career presented their research and shared the memories they had with him. It was also an opportunity for some students to present their research work to experts in their fields during a poster session. A more intimate ceremony with Maxime's colleagues and family was organized for the inauguration of a new library named in his honor, and located in the Curie building where he used to work.



Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak, especially on this occasion, because I think that there is no more fitting honor for Maxime than to give him a lasting place in a library.

Michelle HOFFMAN, Maxime’s wife


Financial contributions made to the Maxime Dahan Fund at the Institut Curie will serve to offer a biennial prize to a scientist who significantly advances the study of cellular processes with new tools or methods related to the imaging and micromanipulation of biological systems, for fundamental research or medical application.


Your generous support to this tax-deductible fund is appreciated!

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invited speakers
139 000€
collected to date for the Maxime Dahan Prize
Symposium Maxime Dahan
Symposium Maxime Dahan
Michelle Dahan
Symposium Maxime Dahan
Symposium Maxime Dahan
Carl Wu, Thimothée Lionnet and Daniel Larson
Symposium Maxime Dahan
Jean-Baptiste Masson
Symposium Maxime Dahan
Edith Heard
Symposium Maxime Dahan
Mathieu Morel
Symposium Maxime Dahan
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
Symposium Maxime Dahan
Symposium Maxime Dahan
Symposium Maxime Dahan
Bruno Goud
Symposium Maxime Dahan
Michelle Dahan
Symposium Maxime Dahan
Amy Dahan
Symposium Maxime Dahan
Mathieu Coppey
Symposium Maxime Dahan
Inauguration of a new library
Symposium Maxime Dahan
Inauguration of a new library
Symposium Maxime Dahan

Maxime Dahan prize

This prize awards Innovation in Methods and Instrumentation at the Interface of Physics, Biology and Medicine.

During the symposium, the first Maxime Dahan prize for Innovation in Methods and Instrumentation at the Interface of Physics, Biology & Medicine was awarded to Rob Singer from the Albert Einstein College of medicine in New York.

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Patricia Bassereau (Institut Curie - FR), Cédric Bouzigues (LOB Polytechnique - FR), Laura Caccianini (Institut Curie - FR), Ibrahim Cisse (Massachusetts Institute of Technology - US), Claude Cohen-Tannoudji (Physics Nobel Prize 1997), Mathieu Coppey (Institut Curie - FR), Xavier Darzacq (UC Berkley - US), Mohamed EL-Beheiry (Institut Pasteur - FR), Bruno Goud (Institut Curie - FR), Edith Heard (EMBL – DE), Daniel R. Larson (NIH / NCI CCR - US), Luke Lavis (Janelia Research Campus - US), Jean-Baptiste Masson (Institut Pasteur - FR), Leonid Mirny (Massachusetts Institute of Technology - US), Cornelia Monzel (Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf - DE), Mathieu Morel (ENS - FR), Davide Normanno (CRCM - FR), Jacob Piehler (University of Osnabrück - DE), Arnd Pralle (University at Buffalo - US), Christophe Salomon (ENS - FR), Rob Singer (Albert Einstein College of Medicine - US), Vincent Studer (IINS - FR), Angela Taddei (Institut Curie - FR), Antoine Triller (ENS - FR), Shimon Weiss (UCLA - US), Carl Wu (John Hopkins University - US)