Career track

Learn more about the interdisciplinary PSL-Qlife graduate school
career track

Being part of PSL university, PSL-Qlife allows to build a complete career track, through its graduate school. Undergraduate students from different fields, including ones from the PSL CPES, medical students, as well as students from preparatory schools can enter the interdisciplinary PSL-Qlife graduate school at the level of master 1, master 2, pre-doctoral and PhD levels. Fellowships or grants will be offered at all levels. For master and pre-doctorate students we shall provide one-year, 6-10 k€ fellowships, with priority for international students or students following long track. Two PhD fellowships are also provided, covering 3 years of PhD, including a doctoral mission.

Students from the graduate school will then be able to either pursue in academia, or move to industry, start-ups, consulting or in high administrations.