Cell connection

Melissa Dewulf
Discover the teams working, at least partially, on cell connection.
Cell connection
S. Amigorena Antigenic presentation in dendritic cells Institut Curie
N. Andrieu Genetic epidemiology of cancer Institut Curie
R. Azeredo da Silveira, M. Benamar, F. Corson, L. Foret, V. Hakim, J.-P. Nadal Biophysics and theoretical neuroscience ENS
A. Baffet Cell Biology of Mammalian Neurogenesis Institut Curie
B. Barbour Neuronal algorithms ENS
A. Bardin Stem cells and tissue homeostasis Institut Curie
E. Barillot Bioinformatics and Biology of Cancer Systems Institut Curie
Y. Bellaïche Polarity, division and morphogenesis Institut Curie
P. Benaroch Myeloid cells and immunity Institut Curie
K. Benchenane Memory, oscillations and state of vigilance ESPCI
D. Bensimon and V. Croquette Executive functions  ENS
S. Birman Gene circuits rhythms and neuropathologies ESPCI
U. Bockelmann Nanobiophysical laboratory ESPCI
L. Bourdieu Cortical dynamics and coding mechanisms  ENS
I. Brunet Molecular Control of Neuro-Vascular Development Collège de France
F. Burlina Biomolecules: analysis, molecular and cellular interaction ENS
M. Cloitre https://www.mmc.espci.fr/spip.php?article27 ESPCI
S. Cocco, R. Monasson, T. Mora, A. Walczak Statistical physics ENS
O. Dauchot Collective effects and soft matter ESPCI
S. Denève Neural inference ENS
S. Descroix Macromolecules and microsystems in biology and medicine Institut Curie
D. Di Gregorio Dynamic imaging of the neuron  Institut Pasteur
S. Dieudonné Inhibitory Transmission  ENS
N. Dostatni Epigenetic plasticity and polarity of the embryo Institut Curie
G. Duménil Pathogenesis of vascular infections Institut Pasteur
S. Etienne-Manneville Cell polarity, migration and cancer  Institut Pasteur
E. Farge Mechanics and genetics of embryonic and tumor development Institut Curie
M-A. Félix Evolution of Caenorhabditis ENS
R. Ferrière and S. De Monte Eco-Evolutionary Mathematics  ENS
S. Fre Notch signaling pathway in stem cells and tumors Institut Curie
S. Garel Brain Development and Plasticity  ENS
A. Genovesio Computational Bioimaging and Bioinformatics  ENS
T. Gregor Physics of biological functions  Institut Pasteur
A. Griffiths Laboratory of biochemistry ESPCI
B. Gutkin Mathematics of neural circuits  ENS
P. Hernandez Development and homeostasis of mucosal tissues Institut Curie
C. Hivroz Dialogue between T cells and dendritic cells Institut Curie
D. Holcman Group of applied mathematics and computational biology  ENS
H. Isambert Evolution of biomolecular networks, RNA Dynamics Institut Curie
C. Janke Regulation of microtubule dynamics and their functions Institut Curie
A. Joliot and S. Vriz Homeoproteins and cell plasticity  Collège de France
W. Kiel Quantitative developmental biology Institut Curie
E. Koechlin Frontal lobe functions  ENS
O. Lantz Innate like CD4+ T cells in cancer Institut Curie
A. Lambert SMILE: Stochastic Models for the Inference of Life Evolution  Collège de France
L. Larue Normal and pathological development of melanocytes Institut Curie
A. Lebreton Bacterial infection and RNA destiny  ENS
S. Lemaire Systems and synthetic biology of microalgae IBPC
C. Léna and D. Popa Neurophysiology of brain circuits  ENS
A-M. Lennon-Duménil Spatio-temporal regulation of antigen presentation and cell migration Institut Curie
P. Leopold Genetics and physiology of growth Institut Curie
A. Maggs Theoretical physico-chemistry ESPCI
J-L. Maître Mechanics of mammalian development Institut Curie
N. Manel Innate immunity Institut Curie
X. Morin Cell division and neurogenesis  ENS
H. Morlon Modeling biodiversity  ENS
L. Navarro Small RNA-directed control of the host immune response and its targeting by bacterial effectors  ENS
S. Ostojic Network dynamics and computation ENS
S. Palmintieri Human reinforcement learning  ENS
P. Paoletti Glutamate receptors and excitatory synapses  ENS
L. Perié Quantitative approaches in immuno-hematology Institut Curie
E. Piaggio Translational immunity Institut Curie
T. Préat and P-Y. Plaçais Genes and dynamics of memory systems ESPCI
F. Radvanyi Molecular Oncology Institut Curie
P. Rainey Genetics of evolution laboratory ESPCI
F. Reyal Residual tumor and response to treatment Institut Curie
R. Rodriguez Chemistry and cancer biology Institut Curie
Y. Rondelez Molecular systems and programs ESPCI
N. Rouach Neuroglial interactions in cerebral physiopathology Collège de France
P. Sens Physical approaches to biological issues Institut Curie
H. Salmon Stroma and immunity Institut Curie
A. Shkumatava LincRNAs in vertebrate development Institut Curie
P. Silberzan and A. Buguin Physico-biology with mesoscale Institut Curie
N. Spassky Cilia biology and neurogenesis  ENS
G. Sumbre Neural circuit dynamics & behaviour  ENS
C. Sykes and J. Plastino Biomimicry of cellular movement Institut Curie
H. Teotonio Experimental evolutionary genetics  ENS
C. Théry Extracellular vesicles, imune responses and cancer Institut Curie
D. Thieffry Computational systems biology  ENS
L. Turlier Multiscale Physics of Morphogenesis  Collège de France
O. Vallon Genetics and genomics of microalgae IBPC
S. Van Teeffelen Morphogenesis and microbial growth  Institut Pasteur
L. Venance Dynamic and Pathophysiology of Neuronal Networks  Collège de France
M-H. Verlhac and M-E. Terret Oocyte Mechanics and Morphogenesis  Collège de France
F. Vialatte Brain-machine interfaces ESPCI
D. Vignjevic Migration and cellular invasion Institut Curie
J. Waterfall Integrative functional genomics of cancer Institut Curie
V. Wyart Interface and decision-making  ENS
M. Zugaro Brain Rhythms and Neural Coding of Memory  Collège de France