Cell membranes

Melissa Dewulf
Discover the teams working, at least partially, on cell membranes.
Cell membrane


F. Radvanyi

Molecular Oncology Institut Curie
Graça Raposo Structure and membrane compartments Institut Curie
Jean Salamero Spatio-temporal imaging of the dynamics of organelles and endomembranes Institut Curie
Pierre Sens Physical approaches to biological issues Institut Curie
Terence Strick Molecular motors and machines  ENS
C. Théry Extracellular vesicles, immune responses and cancer Institut Curie
A. R. Thiam Membrane molecular mechanisms - Biological emulsion ENS
P. Tran and Anne Paoletti Cytoskeletal architecture and cellular morphogenesis Institut Curie
Danijela Vignjevic Migration and cellular invasion Institut Curie
C. Zurzolo Membrane trafficking and pathogenesis  Institut Pasteur