Melissa Dewulf
Discover the teams from the École supérieure de physique et de chimie industrielles (ESPCI) that are part of the PSL-Qlife institute.

Gulliver lab UMR7083

U. Bockelmann Nanobiophysical laboratory
O. Dauchot Collective effects and soft matter
A. Maggs Theoretical physico-chemistry
Y. Rondelez Molecular systems and programs
P. Tabeling Microfluidics, MEMS and nanostructures


Physics and mechanics of heterogeneous media (PMMH) UMR7636

D. Vandembroucq Physics and mechanics of heterogeneous media


Physical Laboratory and Materials Study UMR8213

B. Dubertret, A. Fragola, N. Lequeux, V. loriette and T. Pons Paris quantum dots 


Chemistry Biology Innovation UMR8231

J. Bibette Colloids and divided materials laboratory
J. Cossy Laboratory of organic chemistry 
A. Griffiths Laboratory of biochemistry
V. Pichon Analytical sciences, bioanalytics and miniaturization
P. Rainey Genetics of evolution laboratory


Plasticity of the brain UMR8249

K. Benchenane  Memory, oscillations and state of vigilance
S. Birman Gene circuits rhythms and neuropathologies
T. Préat and P-Y. Plaçais Genes and dynamics of memory systems
F. Vialatte Brain-machine interfaces


Langevin Institute Waves and Image UMR7587

R. Carminati Waves in complex environments
Y. De Wilde Infrared near-field optics, micro and nano thermics


Soft Matter and Chemistry UMR7167

M. Cloitre Soft matter and chemistry


Biological Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics  USR3149

J. Vinh Mass spectometry and proteomics