Melissa Dewulf
PSL-Qlife is under the management of Bruno Goud as the scientific coordinator and five different committees: the partner coucil, the scientific themes, the graduate school and the technology transfer committees, and the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).
Cell division

Scientific coordinator                            

Bruno Goud, Institut Curie, UMR144


Project management

Léa Wurges, project manager

Melissa Dewulf, communication and event manager

Aïda Shams, administrative assistant


Partner council

The partner council is composed of a representative of each institutional partner.

Here is the list of the members of the board on January 1st, 2020

Institut Curie : Bruno Goud               

ESPCI : Costantino Créton

ENS : Anne Christophe                           

ENSCP : Ilaria Ciofini

Mines ParisTech : Julien Haccoun    

Collège de France : Marie-Hélène Verlhac

IBPC : Bruno Miroux                         

CNRS : Delphine Delacour

Institut Pasteur : Olivier Schwartz     

Inserm : Karine Lanini

PSL : Hubert Bost, Vice president  of innovation and PSL graduate school


Steering committee

The steering committee is composed of the scientific coordinator, the project manager,  representatives from the scientific themes, the training and the technology transfer committees. Here is the list of the members of the pilot committee that took place on October 1st, 2018:

Name Affiliation PSL status
Bruno Goud Institut Curie, Team leader, UMR144 Scientific coordinator
Lea Wurges Institut Curie  Project manager
Patrick Charnay  ENS, Team leader, UMR8197  Representative Training 
Bruno Rostand  PSL, Director of Innovation and entrepreneurship Representative Valorisation 
Delphine Delacour CNRS, Deputy director, scientific section 22(5B)  Representative CNRS
Karine Lanini Inserm, Deputy regional officer  Representative Inserm
Vincent Croquette ENS, Team leader, UR8550  Representative Theme 1 
Olivier Espeli  Collège de France, Team leader, UMR7241  Representative Theme 1 
Chiara Zurzolo  Institut Pasteur, Team leader Representative Theme 2 
Marie-Hélène Verlhac  Collège de France, Team leader, UMR7241  Representative Theme 3 
Ana Maria Lennon  Institut Curie, Team leader, U932  Representative Theme 3 
Laurent Bourdieu

ENS, Team leader, UMR8197 

Representative Theme 3 
Francis-André Wollman  IBPC, Unit director, UMR7141  Representative Theme 3 
Ilaria Ciofini  ENSCP, Researcher, UMR8247  Representative Theoretical chemistry and modelisation
Clotilde Policar  ENS, deputy director UMR7203  Representative Biochemistry 
Laurent Corté  Mines ParisTech, UMR7633  Representative Mines ParisTech 
Pierre Sens  Institut Curie, Team leader, UMR168  Representative theoretical biophysics
Karla Balaa  PSL, Director in charge of development and innovation  Substitute - Valorisation 
Andrew Griffiths  ESPCI, Researcher,UMR8231  Substitute Theme 2 
Bruno Miroux  IBPC, Directeur UMR7099  Substitute – Theme 2 
Aleksandra Walczak  ENS, Researcher, UMR8549  Substitute - Theme 3 
Pierre Léopold  Institut Curie, Unit director,  UMR3215  Substitute – Theme 3 
Yannick Rondelez  ESPCI, Researcher,UMR7083  Substitute - Modelisation 
Gilles Gasser  ENSCP, Team leader Substitute – Biochemistry 
Damien Baigl  ENS, Team leader, UMR8640  Substitute - Microfluidics 
Thomas Walter  Mines ParisTech, CBIO  Substitute - Mines ParisTech 
Guillaume Duménil  Institut Pasteur, Team leader, ERL1225  Substitute

Theme 1: Cell nucleus  -  Theme 2: Cell membranes  -  Theme 3: Cell communications


Training representative                                

Patrick Charnay, ENS   


Technology transfer representative

Bruno Rostand, PSL


Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)

Stephen Quake (Stanford University, California, USA)

Philippe Bastiaens (Max Planck Institute, Dortmund, Germany)

David Giedroc (Indiana University, Indiana, USA)

Ewa Paluch (University College London, London, UK)

PSL-Qlife governance