Learn more about the IMaLiS master and CSDV master.

The IMaLiS master (Interdisciplinary Master’s in Life Sciences) is part of PSL-Qlife, and aims at preparing the next generations of scientists, engineers and physicians to address problems in biology via an interdisciplinary approach.

The CSDV master (Chemistry and Life Sciences) is part of PSL and Sorbonne University. It aims at exploring chemistry in depth with an interdisciplinary aspect by bridging it with physics and biology.


Being part of these masters is an opportunity that allows not only a high-quality training, but that also includes you in a community of students with a variety of advantages, such as being able to apply to travel grants or to invite renowned scientists to give seminars and meet them in a more informal environment.

Each year, we offer up to 10 master fellowships for students, who are required to do their internship in a PSL-Qlife affiliated lab.