PhD grants

Melissa Dewulf
Through a collaboration with 9 different doctoral schools affiliated to PSL university, we provide 2 PhD fellowships covering three years of PhD, including a doctoral mission.

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PhD grants

PhD grants




Our PhD grants are available for students who apply for a PhD fellowship through the "concours" of one of the ten doctoral schools affiliated to PSL-Qlife (see the list below). Each doctoral school chooses a student with a project in quantitative biology, and whose host lab is a PSL-Qlife member. All ten candidates give an oral presentation of his/her PhD project to a jury composed of members of the steering committee. Two fellowships are provided. One should take note that competing for a PSL-Qlife fellowship is an additional opportunity and doesn’t prevent from competing at the doctoral school.



List of the doctoral schools affiliated to PSL-Qlife

ED number Name
564 ED-PIF (Physique en Île de France)
158 ED3C (Cerveau, cognition, comportement)
515 Complexité du vivant
388 Chimie Physique et Chimie Analytique
563 MTCI (Médicament, toxicologie, chimie imageries)
386 Sciences Mathématiques de Paris-Centre
406 Chimie Moleculaire de Paris Centre
568 Biosigne
621 ISMME (Ingenierie des sytèmes, matériaux, mécanique, énergétique)

List of the laureates


Joseph Josephides, Chunlong Chen lab, Institut Curie

Marcel Yared, Carine Tisné lab, supervised by Pierre Barraud, IBPC



Tristan Lazard, Thomas Walter lab, Mines ParisTech

Florent Charton, Chris Bowler lab, supervised by Maria Cruz de Carvalho , ENS



Chloé Geoffroy, Pierre Paoletti lab, ENS

Alexandre Santinho, Abdou Rachid Thiam lab, ENS


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