Prematuration grants

Melissa Dewulf
One of our main objectives is to support innovation, technology transfer and the creation of start-ups for quantitative biology. Being part of PSL, we thus participate to their program of valorisation and innovation through calls for Proof-Of-Concept projects, also called prematuration grants. These calls are open for innovative projects with a high risk with the will to develop technology transfer and create a start-up.
Each selected project receives a financial support between 90K€ and 120K€ to cover the costs of human resources, equipment, operations and external services, for a maximum duration of 18 months.

These prematuration grants are joint calls with PSL that allow to fund several projects, among which 2 or 3 are funded by PSL-Qlife. These projects should be in the field of quantitative biology and lead by members of our network.

The 2022 call is now open!

Previous projects funded

Prematuration call 2022
Laureates of the 2021 call
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