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Melissa Dewulf
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Plateforme de criblage phénotypique Biophenics

Projects funded in 2019

Nicolas Manel (Institut Curie) Screening for small molecules that alter Nuclear Envelope Rupture (NER), a new target in cancer and aging
David Holcman (ENS) Outil prédictif pour empêcher l'apparition de périodes profondes marquées par des suppressions isoélectrique pendant l'anesthésie générale
Zoher Gueroui (ENS) Magnetic bacteria programmed as whole-cell biosensor for sensitive detection of pathogenic bacteria


Projects funded in 2018

Laurent Bourdieu (ENS) High throughput optical recording of brain networks in vivo by 3D Random Access MultiPhoton microscopy
Arnaud Gautier (ENS) A unique reversible fluorescence complementation assay for high-throughput screening
Térence Strick (ENS) A double-strand DNA molecular scaffold to characterize the dynamics of molecular interactions


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