Scientific partnerships

Melissa Dewulf

One of our ambition is to play a significant role at the international level in the field of quantitative biology.

In this line, all research institutes affiliated to us already foster a large number of international collaborations. In addition, over the past years, we signed  two memorandum of understanding (MOU) with international institutes.

The first one was signed with the University of Pékin (PKU) during their visit in Paris for the meeting we  organized together last July (1st bioimaging joint meeting). It led to an agreement to join forces for bioimaging, a key tool for research in quantitative biology.

The second one was signed during the visit of the Quantitative biology institute (QBI) delegation in Paris for the QBI/PSL-Qlife joint meeting that took place last September. As both institutes share the same interests and focus on quantitative biology, this MOU is an agreement to join forces for research in this field.

Finally, being part of PSL university allows a further international visibility as it signed MOUs with international research institutes.


List of university who PSL signed an MOU with

University of Cambridge, UK



Columbia University, US

Berkeley University, US

Technion, Israël

Australian National University, Australia

Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland

The Hong-Kong University of science and technology, HK

University of Chinese academy of science, China

Tsing Hua University, China

Peking University, China

Shanghai Jiao tong university, China

National Taiwan University, Taiwan

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