In silico

Melissa Dewulf
Most of the teams that are part of PSL-Qlife work around our three main topics with in vivo or in vitro systems, but some teams also work entirely or partially with in silico systems or modeling.
In silico
D. Abergel Structure and dynamics of biomolecules ENS
C. Adamo Theoretical chemistry and modeling Chimie ParisTech
N. Andrieu Genetic epidemiology of cancer Institut Curie
M. Baaden Theoretical biochemistry laboratory IBPC
D. Baigl NanoBiosciences and MicroSystems (NBMS) ENS
B. Barbour Neuronal algorithms ENS
E. Barillot Bioinformatics and Biology of Cancer Systems Institut Curie
F. Bedioui Synthesis, electrochemistry, imaging and analytical systems for diagnosis Chimie ParisTech
J. Bibette Colloids and divided materials laboratory ESPCI
U. Bockelmann Nanobiophysical laboratory ESPCI
F. Burlina Biomolecules: analysis, molecular and cellular interaction ENS
R. Carminati Waves in complex environments ESPCI
Y. Chen NanoBiosciences and MicroSystems (NBMS) ENS
S. Cocco, R. Monasson, T. Mora, A. Walczak Statistical physics ENS
J. Cossy Laboratory of organic chemistry  ESPCI
O. Dauchot Collective effects and soft matter ESPCI
Y De Wilde Infrared near-field optics, micro and nano thermics ESPCI
B. Dubertret Paris quantum dots  ESPCI
R. Ferrière and S. De Monte Eco-Evolutionary Mathematics  ENS
G. Gasser Inorganic chemical biological laboratory Chimie ParisTech
A. Genovesio Computational Bioimaging and Bioinformatics  ENS
S. Gigan Complex media optics ENS
T. Gregor Physics of biological functions  Institut Pasteur
L. Grimaud Peptides, glycoconjugates and metals in biology ENS
B. Gutkin Mathematics of neural circuits  ENS
D. Holcman Group of applied mathematics and computational biology  ENS
L. Jullien Physical and Biological Chemistry of Living Matter ENS
W. Kiel Quantitative developmental biology Institut Curie
R. Koszul Spatial regulation of genomes Institut Pasteur
D. Laage Theoretical chemistry ENS
A. Latouche Statistical methods for precision medicine (STAMPM) Institut Curie
A. Maggs Theoretical physico-chemistry ESPCI
J-B. Masson Bayesian decision and process  Institut Pasteur
E. Meyer Programmed genome rearrangements in ciliates  ENS
P. Meyer Molecular chaperones and macromolecular assemblies biogenesis IBPC
H. Morlon Modeling biodiversity  ENS
S. Ostojic Network dynamics and computation ENS
V. Pichon Analytical sciences, bioanalytics and miniaturization ESPCI
O. Rivoire Statistical biology  Collège de France
Y. Rondelez Molecular systems and programs ESPCI
N. Rouach Neuroglial interactions in cerebral physiopathology Collège de France
P. Sens Physical approaches to biological issues Institut Curie
D. Thieffry Computational systems biology  ENS
C. Thomas Organometallic chemistry and polymerization catalysis Chimie ParisTech
H. Turlier Multiscale Physics of Morphogenesis  Collège de France
V. Vidal Catalysis, biomolecule synthesis and sustainable development Chimie ParisTech
J. Vinh Mass spectometry and proteomics ESPCI
T. Walter Statistical machine learning and modelling of biological systems Institut Curie
C. Zimmer Imaging and modeling Institut Pasteur